Cancer Care in Kerala

“Kerala state in India has a high burden of non-communicable diseases. Reportedly, the numbers of cancer patients are also increasing. While this could be attributed to a large extent to an ageing population, its challenge on the health system of Kerala is enormous. We have fewer specialized doctors or nurses who can take care of cancer patients. We have even fewer centers where appropriate cancer care can be administered. The patient is almost always confused after a diagnosis of cancer. Unfortunately, due to constraints of time, the doctor or nurse is unable to discuss the details of the disease or the management plans with the patient. An informed patient will only help the doctor and the healthcare team. I hope this resource will be a valuable addition for the health system in Kerala so that patients with cancer are better informed to fight it.

I dedicate this resource to the living memory of my mentor, Late Professor Dr. C. R. Soman who inspired me to pursue excellence in life.”

This version of the website has been produced with support from The Jacoby’s in loving memory of Mr Steve Jacoby of Kentucky, USA who was, first, my patient, and then, my dear friend.