Professor Dr. C. R. Soman (1937-2009) was a professor of biochemistry and nutrition in Government Medical College Trivandrum. He was the most respected public health expert in Kerala for several decades. He also led several public health campaigns in the state of Kerala for crucial health and wellness interventions. Dr. Soman was instrumental in raising awareness against the use of tobacco. He was widely respected in both academic community and among the public. His quiz show in Doordarshan was keenly watched by thousands of people every weekend, before the arrival of cable TV. Dr. Soman had a flair for public speaking. Whether it is a small group of medical students or a large crowd, he would deliver an enthralling lecture. He was an exemplary communicator who could convey the most complex scientific matter in a simple manner.

I first met Soman sir, as I used to call him, when I was a high school student. Our relationship flourished during my tenure at the Trivandrum medical college. Following internship, he offered me the chance of a lifetime to work closely with him on a research project. It was during this time that I witnessed the greatness of his personality. Soman sir was a man of integrity, intellect and humility. Rarely can you find someone with all three traits. He invested his time and wisdom in me. Soman sir always inspired me to work hard toward excellence in medicine. I have had several exceptional mentors in my career, but he launched me to what I am today. Although he did not live to see me become an oncologist, Soman sir continues to inspire me to dream big. It is my privilege and honor to dedicate this web resource to my great teacher.